Senate Retrospective

Senate Retrospective 2012-11-06


In May of last year I began a long planned campaign for the United States Senate by knocking on doors in Ridgewood, New Jersey, the New York City suburb where I had attended nursery through high school. An old woman answered her door and I explained that I was running for the United States Senate. "You seem like a smart young man, why would you want to do something like that?" Another day, I met a special person, who after taking more of my time than I would have liked, said he would vote for me only if I promised to have the maker of genetically modified seeds Monsanto prosecuted (I referred him to the Justice department). I effectively shifted my in person efforts to a community that had in the past suffered politically, and that I knew well, the gay community. However, I soon found that even there, overwhelmingly the extent of anyones political involvement was voting democratic for President, peppered with the rare person who had shown up at a political event. Conversations in fact, or of disagreeable but informed opinion, occurred with the frequency of finding water in the desert.

Among my inspirations as a child were Theodore Roosevelt and John Kennedy, to whose personal stories as bookish children of frail health I felt a personal connection, and who I admired as having later demonstrated courage and intellect in various fields and at various stages of their life. Towards the end of college, after finding I had a unique ability for public speaking, and after watching hundreds of hours of U.S. Senate floor speeches on C-SPAN, and in particular, a then recent set intended to pass off as harmless toys, weapons appearing to be automated death machines, I decided I to pursue a seat on that floor to share podium time with those gesticulating fools.

I identified and fulfilled my preparation goals. However, in doing so, there was one factor that I couldn't have accounted for at the time. After distributing my worldview in my last book to the leaders of each country on Earth, receiving about forty response letters, and following in Google News the often sudden and dramatic policy changes of recipients, I realized that wasn't an impact I could match with a public office, and that if I make history's short list for anything, it will be as the first person to have written a book for and distributed it to all world leaders combined with the resulting impact (I should note that history does not care one bit if you receive recognition at the time). I didn't pursue a seat at the table to be well known, in fact, I genuinely don't enjoy attention. I did it to do good, to be the change that I wanted to see in the world, "to do [my] part", as John Kennedy said, "to build a world of peace, where the weak are safe and the strong are just."

So I waited for my motivation to return, to provide fuel for the breakthrough that would be required to build a campaign that received national media coverage and support, allowing me, at the minimum legal age to hold office, to oust an entrenched incumbent. But it never came back. This was was not aided by what turned out to be suffocating paper work and counterintuitive rules -- because of compliance requirements, I turned away all donors, in effect paying to be tortured by some of these people (a fundraising policy which I of course would have changed if I had picked up substantial national momentum). It was not aided by the intellectual charlatan that is Obama presenting my book's ideas as his lightning struck "new ideas" -- who was unresponsive when specifically asked by journalists how he suddenly got these ideas and why he hadn't used them before -- then his sending unnecessary and early White House support to my opponent. However, I feel limited if any disappointment, after having effectively achieved all of my life goals, and will be entirely at peace if I make no greater contribution. That is certainly not to say I don't have additional interests, I have a plethora of interests, a horn of plenty if you will, an unharvested orchard. Should there ever be an urgent and dramatic need, there may be a sequel, but I have never been one to take up a cause to take up a cause, or to seek attention for its own sake. My intention now is to move happiness up my priority list after its long displacement as a unappreciated backup singer.

In short, my areas of interest don't align with the authorities of Senators. However, after this arduous journey, I am now confident, that going forward, in the international community, rogue leaders will become deposed, and rogue nations integrated, that barring the misapplication of technology, history will record that we all had the good fortune of inhabiting this small planet at the beginning of a period of unprecedented durable international peace and broadly shared sufficiency.