Radio Interview on The Destiny of Humanity and politics
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Article I wrote on Yahoo! Finance 'How to hacker-proof your online banking'

"He does fear that his young age might undercut his life experience when it comes to results in the polls." - LGBT Weekly

Four Ways Young People Can Impact The World
College News, Anton Voter's Guide, The Stewardship Report, The Times & Democrat

"While in recent years there's been a dramatic and widespread transition away from homophobia, the obstacle course for LGBT individuals has yet to be fully dismantled." - My Social Good News, Webster Journal (indicates joint authorship, but I wasn't the principal author, I provided quotes and ideas)

"Software author, former candidate for the United States Senate, published self-help author... Maher is a multi-faceted thinker and artist, a quasi-Renaissance man in distinctly un-Renaissance world." - Skope Magazine

Radio Interview on The Destiny of Humanity
47 minutes in for a duration of 1 hour and 11 minutes
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"We had a few brief moments to speak with Jonathan Bannon Maher..." (Interview) - Neufutur Magazine

"His book had a profound impact on making marriage equality a reality. The way that Jonathan has paved sadly can go unnoticed in the media's eye, however he just so happens to have a voice that cannot be ignored." - Music Existence

"He is not only an impressive musician, but he also is an author, writer, a former Senate hopeful and an all-around powerful personality." - BandBlurb

"A political thinker and creative endeavourer..." - Rock N' Roll View

"Jonathan Bannon Maher is somewhat of a Renaissance man. He started a Senate campaign in 2012, wrote a book entitled The Destiny Of Humanity and recently released a single entitled The Fallout of Love." - No More Division

"Maher, an Independent, is challenging sitting Democrat Bob Menendez. Menendez is the junior United States Senator from New Jersey, and was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Jon Corzine, who resigned in 2006 upon being elected Governor of New Jersey." - New Civil Rights Movement

"There are many layers to Jonathan Bannon Maher..." - Indiemunity

"'I am 100 percent certain that it's possible for me to win', Maher said in a phone interview." - Windy City Times