"Jonathan Bannon Maher's epic single, The Fallout of Love, could be an end credits tune for a blockbuster romantic movie." - BandBlurb

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TuneCore Viability Report (pdf)

227 independent reviewers average rating for The Fallout of Love placed it in approximately the top tenth of the top one percent compared to major label releases (scatter plot "Track Positioning Against 1,000 Major Label Releases").

"This song is spectacularly done. Instruments are perfect. The vocals are perfect. The lyrics are perfect. All adding up to a great sound."

"When he started singing I got chills. Such a beautiful song! The lyrics are just breath taking."

"As I was listening to the lyrics was thinking of my father that passed 2 years ago. With the lyrics he seemed to be talking about a love he as missing or someone special."

"I love the tone to his voice. It makes my heart melt."

"This song is pretty much perfect. The lyrics are brilliant and the vocals are outstanding."

"I really hope that this song gets played often on the radio, I think it will make people feel better."