Books Correspondence

Australia, Governor General

Australia, Prime Minister

Bahamas, Prime Minister

Belgium, King

Brazil, President

Cambodia, King

Canada, Prime Minister

Cape Verde, Prime Minister

Costa Rica, President

Denmark, Prime Minister

Denmark, Queen

Dominica, President

England, Queen

England, Prince - marked "private and confidential"

France, President

Germany, Chancelor

Germany, President

Guyana, President

Haiti, President

Iceland, President

Ireland, President

Israel, President

Israel, Prime Minister

Mexico, President

Monaco, Prince

Morocco, King

New Zealand, Governor General

Norway, King

Philippines, President

Spain, King

Sweeden, King

Taiwan, President

Thailand, King

United States, President - first person to receive book on May 13th, began immediately implementing but didn't credit

United States, President's Senior Advisor

United States, Vice President's Office

United States, Supreme Court1 2

United States, FBI Director

United States, Governor of New Jersey

Vatican, Pope